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    Estonian kitchen

    The Estonian kitchen honors the peasants who worked and lived in the castle and on the manor’s land.

    Manors kitchen

    The Manor’s kitchen represents the aristocracy and keeps the German nobility’s old customs alive.

    Scottish kitchen

    The Scottish kitchen combines the 19th century Scottish architecture and modern food culture

    Info and booking: Alatskivi Castle Restaurant was among the best 50 Restaurants in Estonia in 2011. The recognition   was earned in the category “Genuinely Estonian”. Alatskivi Castle has had a colorful history from past until nowadays. According to the history of the castle the food served here combines three different cultures: Estonian, Manor and Scottish. The underlying tone of the food is rustic. Raw ingredients for food are as local as possible. Guests come here especially for our local Peipsi pike perch or pork chop but still remain curious about other dishes. The most sensational feedback is always for the “Scottish Surprise Dessert”. In the past cheese was made and cattle was grown on the land around the castle. Good food has always been honored here. Hopefully some day it is possible to eat local cheese in Alatskivi again.
    Phone: +372 5303 2485
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    E-mail: alatskivi@lossirestoran.eu
    Ordering tour guide: loss@alatskivi.ee
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